What we stand for

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Change Effectively
A goal without a plan is just a wish.

Our approach to transition design addresses issues on strategic, tactical and operational levels. We deliver a plan that covers your goals, details the risks involved and maps out exactly where you want to be and what everyone needs to be doing, whether on enterprise, program or project level. This highly personalised tool offers all the necessary support to your managers, project managers and directors to get you on the road to managing change successfully.

Organisational effectiveness calls for practical, hands on solutions and strong market insights. By focusing on your core activities and defining the growth or change you wish to see in your organisation we can develop the winning strategies and solutions that will guide you to new heights.

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Change Efficiently
All about experience & commitment.

Driven by our passion for sustainability in business, we feel that maintaining the same high standards that were initiated at the start of our journey is just as important as developing that initial strategic roadmap, business case, program blue print or project design.

We will continue to work alongside both management and workforce at regular and agreed intervals to monitor progress and ensure quality of process. This way we can ensure that every step towards success is understood and being implemented in line with your ambitions. As part of our quality control process we will leave no programme structure un-investigated and no department left behind, making sure all the necessary competencies are in place and you are on track to achieving every last one of your organisational and strategic goals.

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Supply Chain Industry
Our second nature.

Years of experience in the supply chain industry, gave us the opportunity to develop our own reference model. This model allows a kick start and even more efficient and effective improvement or innovation in every single aspect of the supply chain. Along the road we got extremely passionate about the automation and competitivity challenges that faced this industry. For that reason we started a separate business unit, SIC Supply Chain Improvement (SICSCI), manned by real supply chain innovation and optimisation adepts.

What we offer

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Our Service

  • Strategy challenger
  • Enterprise, Business & Solution Architecture
  • Program & Project Management
  • a.i. Executive & Middle IT Management
  • Change Management
  • Risk Management
  • Business & IT alignment
  • Organisation & business process redesign
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Our Delivery

  • Strategic Masterplan
  • Business Case & Plan
  • Management decision tool
  • Program Vision & Blueprint
  • Project & Portfolio plan
  • Risk & Impact analysis
  • Reference Architecture
  • High Level Solution Designs
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Our Value

  • Knowledge and access to very broad spectrum of technology market and capabilities.
  • High Success Ratio's on complex & challenging changes.
  • Pragmatic and creative solutions, with eye for time to market and culture.
  • Alleviation of demanding changes on your organisation. Your change is our comfort zone.

Our partners

Alone we are smart, together we are brilliant. - Steven Anderson

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Holistic business development.
Compels companies to expand now.

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High-Tech marketing, event and advertising solutions. Distribution and total concept realisation.
Wows the audience.

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Belgian bureau for standardisation.
Providing access to knowledge